Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews & Guides 2017

best walking shoes for flat feet


The extremely painful and unfortunate deformity of the feet (also known as fallen arches or flat foot disorder) affects roughly 20-30% of the population of the world. Do you suffer from pain in the lower back, knees, ankles, mid-foot, arch, or heel? If yes, then it might be because of a collapsed arch. Fortunately, there’s plenty of walking shoes if you have flat foot. By choosing the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet, you’ll say goodbye to any problem you’ve ever encountered before.

Top 10 Walking Shoes for Flat Feet on The Current Market

How to Find best walking shoes for flat feet

Stable Heel

The shoe you intend to buy shouldn’t have a lot of roll or play in the heel when you’re running or walking. Therefore, make sure that the area surrounding the heel of your shoe is not only close to the heel edges, but is also firm and stiff. Additionally, don’t settle for a heel that’s too loose or tight. Settle for something that’s in between.

Rigid and durable

Fallen arches have a tendency of lacking stability. Therefore, they need a rigid and durable shoe without play. Furthermore, it shouldn’t turn and twist with every step. Generally, your footwear shouldn’t bend at the middle. You must only purchase footwear that’s durable and rigid. It must be comfortable with all steps.

Great arch support

With a good arch support, fallen arches usually make full contact with your footbed. The ligaments and tendons shall continue to be strained. In the end, you’ll suffer such an unbearable pain in your feet. Arches are similar to foundations in buildings. They’re purposed to carry your entire body weight. Clearly, the last thing you want is a shoe with a poor arch support.

Top Five Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet


ASICS came into being in 1949 when Kihachiro Onitsuka started his footwear Company. He called it ASICS from the initials of a Latin phrase “ANIMA SANA IN CORPORE SANO.” Its translation means “a sound mind in a sound body.” Therefore, based on the acronym of the phrase, ASICS was born. The GT-1000™ 5 shoe is a synthetic rubber soled shoe.

ASICS Women's GT-1000 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GT-1000 Running Shoe

Key Specification

  • It has netting sections on the upper side that increases foot breathing and sustenance through the forefoot.
  • It cuts down on irritation and burning caused by traditional overlays.
  • It ensures your feet remain cool and relaxed so you can run longer with better relaxation.
  • The shoe’s heel height is 22mm, and forefoot height is 12mm.
  • It is a product of ASICS® technology that employs related component try to improve the foot's normal pace.


  • It ensures shock reduction with a more comfortable stride.
  • It improves spring back features and decreases mid-sole collapse.
  • It brings with it a twin thickness mid-sole structure that’s located in an ideal position to improve support and firmness.
  • Vertical flex groove de-couples the tooling along the line of progression for enhanced gait efficiency.
  • It enhances pace effectiveness while providing mid-foot physical integrity.
  • Reduces shock from impacts and provides you with easy movement due to foot transitions.


  • Not designed for everyday walking
  • Not good for high arches
  • Can be stiff to ordinary walking
  • Less flexible so they are not suited for everyone
  • Not designed to bear heavy loads

Mizuno Men's Wave Kazan Trail Running Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Kazan is one of the steadiest shoes in the market today. This is mostly due to its precise wide and even toe case that comes as a fantastic landing gear. Mizuno asserts that its cross-pattern mid-sole permits the shoe to fulcrum over obstacles on both a back and forth, side-to-side axis. This helps to steady the foot over rough terrain. On numerous runs, over rocky and rough terrain, you can have no case of ankle twist or foot injury with the shoe. The shoes are low to the ground. The shoe normally packs a 12mm heel-toe fall and cushioning where needed. Overall, the performance of this shoe is good. It surely offers value for money.

Mizuno Men's Wave Kazan Trail Running Shoe

Mizuno Women's Wave Kazan Trail Running Shoe

Key Features

  • Bowl-shaped wave that supports the heel against extreme movement
  • Track detailed upper design with an outstanding upper design that’s decorated for track and all topography
  • The best robust carbon rubber that allows durable wear in high effect areas and enhances grip during walking
  • Purposefully made to deliver optimum grip and traction whereas letting optimal flexibility anywhere
  • It features a mid-foot section groove that offers maximum flexibility on a variety of surfaces. That allows the forefoot and the heel to move freely


  • Supports the heel and foot against extreme movement
  • Comfortable and durable under all topography
  • Enhanced to grip well during walking with flexible traction
  • Allows fore foot and the heel to move freely and independently
  • It boasts good performance and provides value for money


  • Not designed for everyday walking
  • Not good for high arches
  • Can be stiff to ordinary walking

Saucony Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe

Finding the perfect pair of walking shoes can be a difficult task. However, this shoe is one of the most affordable high quality walking shoes today. It’s great for those with wide or flat feet, as it can be particularly hard to find for these types of feet.

Saucony men's Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe

Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Saucony Women's Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe

Key Features

  • Made of Leather
  • It has rubber sole, which makes it durable
  • Its platform measures roughly zero inches
  • It features a mesh tongue and logo at sides
  • It has visible rear grid system for cushioning and stability


  • The shoe delivers superior feet cushioning and heel-centered stability for a safe and balanced stride.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors ranging from white, silver, or black options that goes with any style.
  • It features a track patterned out-sole design for even walking transition.
  • The asymmetrical inner and outer sole provides a more biomechanical fit.
  • This shoe provides plenty of cushioning and support in the right places.


  • Not designed for everyday walking
  • Not designed to bear loads thus for only light weight people

Nike Women's Lunarglide 8 Running Shoe

This is a dynamic support shoe. It’s highly comfortable, lightweight, and stable. The shoe doesn’t weigh you down. The Shoe offers breathable provision and remarkably lenient softening to help you move smoothly through your lengthiest runs.

Nike Men's Lunarglide 8 Running Shoe

Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Nike Women's Lunarglide 8 Running

Key Features

  • The shoe has a lining with lightweight foam for comfort
  • It has readymade pods that help disperse impact for receptive softening
  • Their Inner wrapper improves breathability with a sock-like fitting
  • It weighs: 8 ounces specifically women's size 8
  • It has an offset size of: 9.5mm
  • Has a rubber sole
  • It is smooth and light with a foam provides a foam, cushy experience
  • Recently advanced for a stellar touch mile
  • Made with texture and cables for support and breathability


  • This shoe provides plenty of cushioning and support in the right places
  • l Allows both feet and heels to move freely and independently


  • Not designed for everyday walking
  • Not designed to bear loads

New Balance MT410V4 Trail-Running Shoe

New Balance is devoted to serving athletes in achieving their goals. This has been their mission for more than a century. This is why they do not spend cash on superstar endorsements. They spend it on development and research study. It is why they do not create products to perfectly fit an image. The company designs them to perfectly match. New Balance is ambitious to come up with the best shoes for the exact same reason an athlete laces them up to achieve the very best.

New Balance Men's MT410V4 Trail-Running Shoe

New Balance Women's WT410V4 Trail-Running Shoe

Key Features

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • It has Rubber sole
  • Rough track runner featuring protective covers and striped lacing and heel loop
  • XLT performance foot bed
  • Has AT Tread outsole made for all topography
  • Features a breathable mesh lining which offers an amazing next-to-foot feel.
  • It brings with it an injected-molded EVA foam (IMEVA) mid-sole that provides firm and flexible cushioning.
  • The shoe features a Dual-use AT-Tread out sole material, which delivers off and on road versatility.
  • Weight: 13 oz
  • Its ABZORB® technology boasts a perfect blend of cushioning and compression set.


  • They are best for the neutral runner
  • They have a highly breathable-netted upper with helpful synthetic overlays
  • They have a removable foam insole
  • Midsole provides firm, flexible cushioning


  • Not good for high arches
  • Can be stiff to ordinary walking


In matters corrective and preventive foot health care, there’s more to functions than just form. However, neither of these two mean anything if your shoes are uncomfortable. The best walking shoes for flat feet listed above offer adequate support to your feel balance. That way, you’ll not miss even a thing whether you’re working out or attending to your daily chores. If you are in the market for the best shoe, feel free to choose from any of the above listed ones.

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