Best Hiking Boot for Men & Women Review and guide 2017

This reviewer spent years in the field walking and hiking the world's trails, paths, and in places where man has not walked in ages. So, we know a bit about the footwear someone like you needs to trek across this big world of ours. We have used that knowledge to find you 16 of the best hiking boots and then you can get what you want, need, and like without wasting time and money doing it by trial and error.

best hiking boots


Hiking boots are a special breed of shoe

They're not like sport or dancing shoes. They are made for one purpose, that being to enable you to cover long distances that ordinary people do not attempt in their daily life. Hikers cover 10s of miles while city dwellers balk at a walk across town. Some of us consider a 20-mile hike as a constitutional for fun. That's why the footgear we wear is made rugged and yet with a degree of comfort that those who wear high heels and business shoes would envy.

When it's all said and done at the end of the day you need to be selective about the boots you hike in and that's why we gathered together the 16 best hiking shoes or boots we are about to show you after we tell you about some of the things we think are about choosing such a boot for our own use and yours.

Top 16 Best Hiking Boots for men & women

How to choose the best hiking boots

Getting the right boot for hiking can be difficult and that's why we offer up our thoughts on selecting the right one for you.

Things to Consider One:

Comfort is paramount in best hiking boots. If you don't have, the right feel you wouldn't wear them. If your feet blister and chafe you wouldn't wear them. If you ever have your feet rubbed raw after a 10-mile hike, you know what we mean. So, ensure proper fit, cushioning, and insole support if you need it.

Then you have a boot that will take you from the Bay of Bengal, across the Chinese Highlands, and across the moors in Scotland. That's what you want your boots to do for you if it does not you've wasted your money and time.

Things to Consider Two:

Waterproofing is next. Get a boot that can handle the weather. You don't have to swim the Nile with an Egyptian croc chasing you for lunch. However, the boot has to be able to handle a thunderstorm or crossing a stream to earn its bones as a bonafide hiking boot.

You need the type of boot that uses GORE-TEX or has similar properties. The boot's tongue must seal the front of the boot tightly against your leg and mesh with the laced up sides. You should be able to walk in the pouring rain and your feet should be dry when you get to shelter.

Things to Consider Three:

Quality is one of the first things you need to ascertain. Getting a brand name used to be a sign of quality. But, with companies outsourcing their manufacturing to Asian countries, that is no longer the case. So, read up on the boots you want to buy. Check reviewer’s thoughts and talk with people who are in the hiking community on social media. Words on the Net can lie. So, check in with the people around you a see what they wear.

Go to the stores and sniff the boots as your nose can tell you if this is a boot, you will want to wear. Don't laugh at this thought as it has been documented that your sense of smell is very accurate in telling if something is healthy for you. And that's what we are looking for. Chemicals and synthetics are sometimes unhealthy for people to wear for long periods of time.

Things to Consider Four:

Sizing, though this could be lumped in with comfort mentioned above. A separate category can't be ignored. Sizing changes from boot-maker to boot-maker especially if they are outsourcing across the globe to Indonesian where feet are smaller than over here. Bone up on the boot and talk to those who wear them. They will tell you whether to size up or done and by how much. You can also check the reviews and glean this information. This probably the most important thing you can do when buying a best hiking boots. Do it wrong and you can lame yourself and be miles from the nearest assistance

Things to Consider Five:

Cost and Brand name were once the touchstone of a good pair of boots. However, the Global Village has watered down famous names until they are a shadow of their former glory. Bone up on the boot and talk to those who wear them. They will tell you whether to size up or done and by how much. You can also check the reviews and glean this information. This probably the most important thing you can do when buying a hiking boot. Do it wrong and you can lame yourself and be miles from the nearest assistance

Price goes with Brand and that's why looking at other factors first will get you what you want and need so you won't get disappointed. Price can be used as an indicator but not at the risk of compromising the family budget. Buy the boot in the range you can afford comfortably at first and if you are a serious hiker you can save to get your dream boots later.

Now that you know what to look for let’s take a look at the boots we’ve discovered for you.

Merrell  Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Men's Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Women's Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

You should consider this boot, when you need a boot for the great outdoors, whether here in the US or across the globe in places like in the city of Lahore Pakistan looking at ancient ruins. Your boots are what makes this all possible today. Merrel offers you the best in walking style and rugged endurance along with a comfortable fit.

Textile and leather body made for toughness and lightness

When you have to walk around the block, you can do that easily in any pair of sports shoes. However, when it comes to getting around the city of Bangkok’s Temple areas that is another kettle of fish, some of the ancient complexes are measured in square miles. If you wear a sports shoe, your feet will be a mass of blisters and you'll be laid up for days while everyone else is having fun sampling the food, nightlife, and other entertainments the city is famous for. The Merrel MOAB will take you through such an area with style and panache leaving your feet happy and free of pain.

Synthetic sole lets you walk where others slide and slip

Tread design and materials make the sole of this boot one that you will love for its ability to deal with the rugged terrain as well as rocks that when wet are treacherous and can roll an ankle quickly and without warning. Not so, when you wear a pair of Merrel's, their space-age construction makes walking anywhere safe and secure with little danger of you losing your footing.

Speed lacing and breathability

These features help you get your boots on and off. This is true as with other boots getting them off is harder than getting them on after the feet have swollen due to discomfort and the heat. With the Moab, you can dispense with this problem as your feet breath and the boots seem to put themselves on with a mind of their own. You find you feed are happy and with happy feet, you can walk much farther and enjoy it more


    • Boots made for far off places and as close as the nearest forest trail

    • Worn them for 3 years all over places most people cannot find on the map. After thousands of miles, it's time to retire them and don a new pair to do it all again

    • Happiness is being able to trek across burning sand and still have feet that are comfortable at the end of the journey. That's what Moab means to me


● The only thing I dislike about my Maobs is the thread they use to stitch them up with. I hate the color. Nevertheless, I love the boots

● Check the boots for waterproofing before hiking. Some that have come from Amazon don't have the waterproofing. Check now a beware before finding out the hard way

Reviewer's thoughts

One of my favorite boots in the whole world, this boot does it all and does it with style. Unfortunately, they are a bit on the expensive side. For a newbie hiker, it might be a stretch to justify the cost. This reviewer is happy with their pair and yes, Virginian these were tested in 6 inches of water and No leaks.

Columbia  Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boot

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Ii 

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus

Here is a hiking boot from Columbia that fits the needs of the modern hiker. You have extra protection at the toes and a quick lace up with two studs to speed the process. This boot also includes a Tom made from a synthetic material that reads and with a mesh lining allows perspiration helping keep your feet dry.

Leather and Synthetic upper

The boot is made from fine-grained leather that provides rugged support for both foot and ankle while you move across rough terrain. The boot also looks fashionable and when you're not hiking can be worn as a work shoe or as a casual addition to your daily wardrobe. While not made for dancing it doesn't weigh your feet down and makes you feel clumsy while walking in them. Combine this with a fast lace up VRAM you have a great hiking boot for a very reasonable price.


One thing you want in a weatherproof boot is the ability to shed water and keep your feet dry. Columbia has come up with the process that makes the leather almost impervious to water and walking through muddy fields during your hike will not offend these boots in the slightest. Along with its ability to keep the water out it also has mesh inside that allows your feet to breathe and stay dry the matter what the weather conditions are around you.

Rubber Sole

Along with this waterproofing, it has a rubber sole that extends up to protect the toes. It has a gripping action that prevents you from sliding for losing traction on steep inclines or on slick wet surfaces. When the going gets tough the tread on the sole of these boots won't let you down. Along with all this, it cushions your feet and protects them while you're walking where the ground is uneven and protruding sharp stones jut up in your path.


● Lightweight and comfortable

● Even after hiking the Grand Canyon your feet still feel like a million bucks

● It has enough give to allow you one to two pairs of socks to keep your feet warm and cushion during walking on cold mountain paths

● Great boot, great price

● Give secure footing anywhere you hike


● Failure of the lace hooks has cause people some difficulty and require the boots to be replaced

● The new materials make the boots stiffer and are not as flexible as the earlier version

● The stitching could be done with thicker thread for additional longevity

Reviewer's thoughts

This reviewer is quite fond of Columbia's products and has warned them in the past with no problems. What people are drawn to with the Colombian boot are its comfort and versatility. This version of the boot, however, is stiffer and has less give than its previous incarnation. There also seems to be some quality issues with the lacing and the hooks that speed up getting the boots on and off. This is a disappointment as Columbia is famous for the quality of their products.

Timberland  White Ledge Waterproof Boot

Timberland White Ledge Men's Waterproof Boot

Timberland Women's White Ledge Hiking Boot

From Timberland, you have a hiker that lets you enter the wild, the country, and the city streets anywhere in the world. Made for walking and comfort along with a legendary fit and a name that says it all. This is the boot you want when tackling a long mountain trek or sightseeing in the Philippines.

Leather & textile construction

That's the secret of getting the weight down and taking reliability to the next level. Leather alone today wouldn't cut it. Though leather is tough and durable, it is heavy and sometimes uncomfortable to wear. That's why when you want a boot that you'll be wearing for days in strange out of the way places you want not only rugged wear but comfort as well. That's why Timberland uses soft breathable textile materials to ensure comfort as well as dry feet.

 Removable EVA Footbed

Comfort and support are the things most dear to a hiker. That's why this boot has an EVA footbed that comes out for cleaning or replacement. IF you have special needs you can replace it with one of your own choosing to give extra support depending on your foot type. The one that comes with White Ledge is specially made for both comfort and support. It gives when needed and stands firm when you need that extra oomph to get over tough obstacles on the trail.

A sole that gets you where you are going

They say the sole is the heart of a hiking boot. Well, in that case, The White Ledge has a sole that glows with energy. Rugged tread design ensures a firm step over irregular ground. But, it is also at home on backwater piers in foreign lands to provide you a nonskid step as you barter with a fisherman about his latest catch for dinner. You need this kind of traction as well when the trail is washed out and you have to inch you way past a fast running body of water without losing your footing.


● Water resistant, I've walked the Appalachian Trail and in the Rockies. These boots can take it and in comfort

● No blisters or chafing after a 40-mile hike through some of the worst swampland Georgia has

● Water is no problem, comfort is a given, and quality is superb

● Not a rolled ankle or blister in walking up the side of some of toughest places in Death Valley


● I wear them as work boots. Found out they are not certified for construction work

● One of the bestsellers on Amazon but the pair I got gave up after 3 months of trekking across stony ground

Reviewer's thoughts

Timberland is one of the names people turn to for a good pair of hiking boots. This particular boot from Timberland, for the most part, fills the bill. They are imported and the QA in some pairs is spotty. Overall, they come in as good but not great because of this. Timberland needs to look into their QA and single source their supplier that delivers quality as well as quantity.

Salomon Men's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

Salomon Men's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

Salomon Women's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

The boot that every other boot wishes they were. Now you can have it and the other high-tech features it has with a boot that goes anywhere you do at a drop of a hat.

GORE-TEX Waterproofing

Gore-Tex provides total protection for this boot that keeps the water from gushing in should you end up stepping in a depression filled with water. This also is convenient, as Mother Nature is not noted forewarning you before the sky opens up and inundates you with a flash thunderstorm. However, with all this waterproofing inherent in the boot. It still allows your feet to breathe naturally and perspiration exits the boot keeping your feet dry.

Salomon 4D Chassis

When you want to be able to walk over rough terrain these boots let you do it in perfect safety and style. The 4D Chassis design does that for you. It balances your steps and guides your foot into a pattern that keeps you entire body moving and in balance. You suddenly are walking with the tread of a mountain cat that always is sure of their footing, no matter how irregular the ground under you.

High Topped Ankle Support

These boots are made to support you wherever you are hiking. To do this they lock above the ankle and the boot itself takes your weight and relieves the pressure on your ankles. This prevents torsion on the delicate bone structure in and around the ankle and feet, even when the ground has a lot of give and is uncertain. The boot adjusts to ensure you suffer no discomfort or strains to your feet and ankle.


● Great for that long haul up a mountain trail with no discomfort at all

● True sizing, no more guesswork to get a boot that fits right

● They handle wet, dry, and snow equally well

● Now get a boot that those in the military love

● When an eyelet popped. Salomon replaced the whole pair free

● With a full backpack and a 30-mile hike, not a blister, abrasion, or any discomfort, that's saying a lot for a new pair of boots


● Received a defective pair of boots. Amazon did their thing and I received a new pair that fit right

● I had trouble breaking them in and the sole delaminated after 6 months of hiking

Reviewer's thoughts

Nice pair of lightweight hiking boots, this reviewer feels they are a good. Boot, but prefers something more solid for extreme hiking with a heavy load. The waterproofing is the other great thing about them with their fit. There seems to be some quality issues with the eyelets and soles, however, the Salomon people back their product and will act to replace if they warrant it.

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

KEEN Women's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

When it's time to hit the trail, do it in style and comfort. Keen is known for its ability to deliver quality and comfort at a reasonable price. These hiking boots are made for the outdoors and just one look shows you how trendy, versatile, and rugged they truly are.

Leather and textile

To give this boot its lightweight Keen has blended tough leather where needed and soft breathable materials where needed to help cut down on the weight, let your feet breathe, and provide comfort for long excursions into the wild. This combines to provide you with a durable boot that lets you hike all day and your feet wouldn't be dragging at sunset. In addition, you would blister or chafe as these boots ensure that there are no pinch points to discomfort you.

Rubber sole

When you need to grip the ground while heading up an incline on the trail, the rubber sole with its distinctive tread design gets you to the summit in style. If things get soggy you have a nonskid surface that lets, you walk across slick rocks without slipping and sliding. In the wilderness is no place to become lame with a sprained ankle or injury during a fall. Walk where you like and your boots will get you in and back out again.

Dual density Compression molded EVA midsole

If you want comfort as well as reliability, you want a midsole that goes with the flow. Keen provides this in spades with a midsole that can take the pressure of your feet day after day hiking across mountain trail, across woodland fields, and exploring heavy overgrown areas. Your feet are cushioned and you feel none of the discomfort that other hikers may have to go through with boots who don't have the same features as yours do.


● It laces up fast and the unidirectional lugs makes it a snap to cinch up before going out the door

● Ample ankle support with a boot made for long distant hiking

● Comfort and fit are what I was looking for and I found with these boots

● Maybe you have a lot of money to spend. I don't. These boots give me what I want and at a price, I can afford.


● Suffered a mishap with the sole outside the warranty period. Amazon was Johnny on the Spot and with no quibbling replaced my damaged boots

● Great toe protection with a reinforced toe, But this are not made to replace steel toed work shoes

Reviewer's thoughts

Keen has always come through in a pinch, that’s why this reviewer enjoys trying them out in the field and on the trail. If a hiking boot handles the wild that's one thing. However, it also takes to hiking through warrens of Calcutta, the backstreets of Hong Kong, and the bazaars of Thailand with a hiking boot that is adaptable to varied urban environments as well.

Vasque Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot

Vasque Men's Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot

Vasque Women's Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

You need a boot that is tough and able to resist water from both sea and sky, as well as what you'll find on land. The Galapagos Islands is a strange land of contrasts where water, earth, and desolation come together. This is a perfect place to go hiking in a world where time forgot.


makes it rugged and the other material combine to give you a light and tough boot On a tour of the Galapagos Islands, you can face a giant tortoise as he makes his way across sands that are hot as well as treacherous. Here frolicking in the sea you can see the 10 foot long Giant Iguana and if you are lucky and find a clutch of eggs buried in the sand as, they are hatching to your delight, but only if your boots are up to it. That's what the B-II offers.

Synthetic sole is lighter and more durable than rubber

Keeping secure footing is job one of a boot like the Breeze II. When you are hiking, there is no telling what conditions you'll run into. In South Africa, near one of its famous Lion parks run by the "Lion Whisperer", you are able to hike and walk with lions in a natural setting. The Savannah is no place for a wimpy boot. The Breeze II takes you out to where the lions roam free and get you back safely to Johannesburg where there are cool drinks and AC.

Superior support over all terrain

With the Breeze II, your ankles have all the support they need for the rugged outback. If you've ever been to Ayers Rock, you'll understand just how important this is. Here temps can soar to phenomenal heights and at night the temperatures can drop low and even the aboriginals have trouble surviving here these days. For this kind of environment, you need not only support and comfort, but also a hiking boot that lets air circulate to keep your feet dry.


● Lightest and toughest boot I've ever worn

● Hike for hours and your feet are dry as when you first put them on

● I've hiked across the plains on safari and taken pictures of wild elephants up close and my hiking boots took me there and back again with ease and comfort


  • I've walked over 3,000 miles in the Breeze-II. But, the new pair I bought (I've worn out 2 pairs already) seem to be defective. Be careful and be sure they are genuine Vasque. Seems Amazon has been receiving knockoffs from their suppliers

Reviewer's thoughts

The Breeze II or B-II is a "go to" pair of boots when you are up for serious hiking. They are waterproof, comfortable, and they last. Amazon has supplied me with my pair as well as other boots I wear and review. I ordered two separate pairs, one was what I expected, and 6 months later, I ordered a second that did not match in quality or durability. This leads me to wonder about the supply chain at Amazon. I checked with other vendors and the Breeze II on their shelves are up to spec. So, a word of caution, check your boots carefully when they arrive, as they may be a ringer.

Salomon  Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot-Forces

Salomon-Quest 4D Forces

Salomon-Quest 4D GTX® Forces

The same famous boot that hikes around the world has an upgraded militarized version. This means those in the services, as well as hikers who are serious about their hiking, have an upscaled boot that not only has the long range you need but additional features that make those hikes comfortable as well.

Not only can you hike but climb and Rappel as well

For those who are into extreme hiking, you now have a boot that takes hiking to the next level. You don't have to walk up narrow mountain trails you can now climb them up a vertical wall if need be and this boot is made to help you in any way you need.

Tough construction and a Sure-Grip 

sole that gets you where you need to go, if its mountainous, jungle or swamp you can now hike it with impunity

Comfort and superb ankle support

When you are hiking in the Andes and other places where the mountains are, often-impassable to ordinary hikers you can overcome these obstacles as these boots are made for comfort, but they rise higher than other boots to reinforce you lower leg and especially around the ankle. This is necessary for those planning to scale to the top of where they are heading and have to use ropes to get down on the other side as well.

The Best in lightweight Tactical Hikers

Now get a boot that the Elite use to help you hike distances you never thought possible. Add your favorite insole support if you like. Such as the "Superfeet" insole and then you can take long distant hikes that others would consider epic and you think are ordinary. Reach new health and fitness goals while enjoying hiking in an entirely new light. You have all the features of the GTX 4D chassis that give you sure footing over the most treacherous terrain and still keep your feet comfortable and dry.


The best TAC Hikers out there

● Not only comfortable but probably the best boot I ever owned

● Great for level ground, but they really excel when you hit rough ground and other hikers are stuck. You can keep going

● Have a boot that is perfect for the outdoors, hiker, prepper, and for those who like extreme sports as well


● Great boot but pricey the hiking version does the same with a more economical price

● Love the boot but hate having to lace it up. This boot is made for someone that spends hours getting ready and is not made to get up and go

Reviewer's thoughts

A spectacular boot that makes many other boots quake in fear. They are rugged and Salomon considers them to be cutting-edge. However, this reviewer feels they are not so much a hiker boot but a boot made to attract service people and those who have to have the latest "supeboots". For the reviewer, a good pair of comfortable hiking boots and then can tramp all over this green Earth of ours with equal grace and comfort and save a few bucks on the side

Hi-Tec  Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec Men's Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec Women's Bandera Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot

A boot that is tough as the outdoors and still shows that it has style and looks good when you wear them when shopping at the mall. Designed for comfort and fit, you have a hiking boot that lets your feet breathe and walk in comfort and you don't have to worry about getting them wet.

Mesh Suede design

Lightweight, as this boot is made from synthetics. This gives it the ability to breathe and be waterproof at the same time. This is the boot you want for sightseeing in Cambodia at Angkor Wat and at the Jade temple in Bangkok with an all around hiking boot that delivers its promise on comfort and endurance. People who have bought them enjoy comfort while traveling across Europe and even hiking in the mountain trails of Sweden. Fashionable and stylish with a good fit as well.

Traction that goes the distance

With omnidirectional footing, you can stride to the ends of the earth as if you didn't have a care in the world. This boot gives you firm support when you need it and its rubber sole ensures you wouldn't slide down a stone embankment along the Ganges during Diwali during Indian's Festival of Lights. Diwali is the perfect time to be hiking in India taking in the local color and food. You can shop at a bazaar and not be afraid of losing you footing in markets where fruits, vegetables, and straw mix to make footing uncertain.

EVA sock liner designed for comfort and protestation

When you've hiked a bit in India and perhaps have traveled to Kathmandu you'll appreciate the inner EVA liner that comes with this boot. It can be removed for cleaning and it supports and cushions your foot has you are attempting to photograph an Indian tiger in the wild, near the wilderness preserve the Satpura Tiger Reserve, close to Madhya Pradesh in the north. Here you need this comfort while walking the area that rises 1,352 meters above the plains.


• They got me across the steppes of Mongolia North of China where the Khan rode to greatness

• Comfortable and lighter than other hiking boots I have worn

• I've walked the Foodie tour in Bangkok and my feet never felt better afterward

• Live begins at 50 when you can appreciate the world and hike in distant lands that gets you up close with the people and the scenery. I thank my boots that took me to the 7 countries I've been to and still they will hold up for the next 7before I'm through


● Great for spring, summer, and fall, not so hot for winter though

● They could use more ankle support

Reviewer's thoughts

It doesn't matter if you are a world traveler or just someone who wants to take a walk in the woods behind the house. These boots give your feet 4WD to go to any venue you desire and they hold up despite harsh terrain, marsh, and urban city streets where paving is optional in some places this reviewer has been.

Final Verdict

Today you have seen 8 of the best hiking boots on the market today. This reviewer liked them all and with few exceptions, all do as advertised. There are some problems with quality from Amazon of late and the reasons that this reviewer believes for them have been noted earlier. The final choice came down to two boots that were deemed to be the best. For those with the cash the Moab by Merrel is the choice for those who intend to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers. For those of more modest hiking aspirations and a smaller budget, Keen’s Targhee II is the obvious choice and with them, the reviewer has racked up an impressive number of miles over the years. You may, of course, disagree and choose another pair that suits you better. That's ok with the reviewer as they all have the “Right Stuff” to help you trek across America and the rest of the world as well. Check more best hiking boots for women