Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

best hiking shoes for men

Best Hiking shoes for men-Review and Guide

Looking for Best hiking shoes for men women?We thoroughly researched and built a list of top hiking shoes. By the time you hit the trail, in no matter what season, you will have checked all the checklists and packed everything you need, plus some spares in case of emergency. You will also have put your best Men’s Hiking Shoes on, knowing that, in this footwear, you can take on any hiking track you have chosen.

Men’s Best Hiking Shoes are a combination of a Hiking Boot and a Trail Running Shoe. This means that they will have the lightweight flexibility of a trail runner, combined with the hard-wearing support of a hiking boot. A hiking shoe may also be quick-drying or waterproof and have a heel built to absorb impact and good arch support through the mid-sole. The hiking shoe may also be built on some special hiking technology, such as reflective spots, washable uppers, drainage ports, lightweight materials used in construction, soles that resist slipping and sliding and breathable lining. Some hiking shoes even have special odour resistant properties in the lining.

Be sure to choose the correct size for your foot, because if a hiking shoe does not fit well, all the other inbuilt design and technologies will not matter.Most of the prime hiking shoes are built in several widths, such as wide-fit or narrow fit.

Top 20 Hiking Shoes on the Current Market for men and women

How to Choose the Best Hiking Shoe for Men & women

First, you should understand that hiking shoes are different from hiking boots, but they are referred to as hiking footwear. Below are things to consider when you want to choose the best hiking shoes.

Good Fit

Everyone hates a pair of ill-fitted shoes usually because of the blisters, bone spurs, sprained arches and worrisome blackened toenails. It is undoubtedly glaring that a proper fit is very important. The physical looks do not matter as a beautiful looking and durable hiking shoe becomes a device of torture if not properly fitted.

Trying the shoes on the socks, you plan to use different from your everyday socks would avoid an unexpected tautness in the shoes. It is usually recommended to get hiking shoes one size above your normal for the extravagance comfort you need also considering that the tendency of having swollen feet is sometimes inevitable.


Hiking shoes should be suitable for the terrain you are going to walk in. Your surrounding could squash your whole hiking experience if the right pair of hiking shoes were flouted making the surrounding a vital concern. The trials could be well-kept and leveled or rough. Hiking shoes are worn best for shorter hikes and well-defined trails. Nevertheless, sturdy hiking shoes can also be used on rough trails. Sometimes, different environment and trails would be covered during the hike, and a pair of multi-purpose boots suitable for all surfaces should be adaptable.

Weather Condition

The present state of the weather should also be considered when choosing the best hiking shoes. If you are hiking during summer, warm weather, across dry western climes or in the desert, a lightweight shoe that is well ventilated for proper breath-ability of the foot will be preferable in such weather condition. A waterproof boot should be ditched during the dry season to prevent blisters usually accompanied with stinks. On the other hand, waterproof hiking shoes are suitable to be worn during damp or cold weather, marshy trails and when there is likely shallow stream crossing.

These hiking shoes have a membrane amid the lining and the outer layer keeping out moisture also allowing water vapor generated to escape avoiding the dampness of the socks through sweat. They usually include ‘GTX’ Gore-Tex technology in their title, the same Gore-Tex technology found in your rain jacket or ski. Titles such as ‘WP’ for ‘waterproofing’ in hiking shoes indicates the waterproofing system as part of the manufacturer’s patented feature of the shoe.


Research shows that “it requires five times as much energy to move weight on your feet as it does to move weight on your back.” By this judgment, moving from four-pound boot to two-pound hiking shoes would not have a different effect from removing ten pounds from your pack. This implies that the weight of the footwear should be considered as is it vital when choosing the best hiking shoes.


Hiking shoes must be very comfortable and very easy to wear notwithstanding the distance to be covered. There is no problem if the shoes feel stiff when tried on for the first time in the store because the shoes will conform to your foots as it softens with time. Wearing your new hiking shoes around probably at home before taking them for hikes will give you a better idea of the shoe if it is the right pair for you.


The outer sole of your hiking shoe should be firm enough and very responsive to the trials. For uneven and rough surfaces such as rocks and mountains, a more flexible and thinner sole is recommended. On the other hand, a thicker sole with extra firmness is commended in a tough trail with a weighty backpack. Irrespective of the type of outer sole used, the inner sole must be good enough to avoid the flattening of the shoe under the load.


The material the Best hiking shoes are made from will affect the breath-ability and waterproofing. Materials such as those below will affect those qualities:

  • Full grain leather for durability.
  • Split grain leather is more lightweight.
  • Nubuck leather for water resistance.
  • Waterproof products such as Gore-TexR. and eVentR. for dryness inside the boot.
  • Vegan hiking shoes are constructed without any animal by-products.
  • The midsoles of hiking boots are built to support and cushion the arches of the feet:
  • EVA [ethylene vinyl acetate] provides cushion-like support for the mid sole and provides some shock absorption.
  • Polyurethane is very firm underfoot and it provides extra foot support.
  • Phylon cushions the foot, and is durable yet also lightweight.
  • Hiking shoes may also be constructed with an internal support that further protects the foot.
  • Shanks are placed between the midsole and the outsole to add stiffness to the midsole.
  • Partially flexible inserts may be placed between the outsole and the midsole and below the shank if it is present. These provide extra protection from bruising.


Traction is another important point to consider. This feature is mainly discerned by the construction if the outsold. Good out soles should be able to keep a firm grip on:

  • Snow and slush.
  • Mud.
  • Smooth rock.
  • Gravel.
  • Slippery surfaces.

Good quality waterproofing will keep the feet dry, but it may also limit breath-ability. Waterproof membranes such as Gore-Tex or KEEN-DRY will stop water from getting into the hiking shoe. The Best hiking shoe that is made of leather will provide the best waterproofing. If a hiking shoe does absorb water, it may be best to choose a pair that dries quickly. There are some products on the market that add waterproofing to mixed material uppers. Leather hiking shoes should be treated with a leather conditioner.


Durability is often played off against weight and the other features that go into the creation of a good hiking boot. Best Hiking shoes will in most cases be lighter in construction than a hiking boot. Some hiking shoes which are built with mesh uppers may have protective layers placed over the uppers for protection. These are the type of hiking shoes which score well in the categories of both durability and lightness.

Other Considerations in Choosing the Best Hiking Shoe for Men.

Fit is possibly the most important aspect to consider when you are choosing any hiking shoe. All the other features contribute to the value and performance of the hiking shoe, but a poor fit will negate these entirely. Some issues to consider when trying a hiking shoe for fit are:

  • The excellent hiking shoes should fit the foot closely, but not too tightly. Take a few steps in the hiking shoe to determine that the toes are not cramped in the toe box and the shoe does not pinch or rub anywhere.
  • The foot will swell slightly during a hike, so make sure that you can spread your toes. Always leave a little extra room for comfort.
  • Make sure that your foot does not wriggle around inside the best hiking shoe, as this could mean that it is too wide or long.
  • Be aware of the way in which you normally lace your best hiking shoes. Lacing should be comfortable but snug.
  • Think about some of the other things you can do to make your hiking shoe fit comfortably. You may want to insert insoles, wear a different type of sock or change the laces.
  • Think about how the best hiking shoe might change after you have worn it in. There are a few more aspects to consider when choosing the best men’s hiking shoe. You can take into account:
    • ​The rand. This is a rubber guard that runs around the outer edge of the hiking shoe, including the toe. This protective strip adds reinforcement to areas that usually sustain high wear.
  • A tongue gusset joins the tongue to the upper portion of the hiking shoe, so as to prevent small stones or chunks of dirt and foliage from getting inside the hiking shoe.
  • Padded collars that line the opening of the hiking shoe support the ankles.
  • The Chief hiking shoes may be lined with a moisture wicking coating which draws sweat away from the foot. Some linings are treated with anti-microbial substances which eliminate odour.

The Top Ten best Hiking Shoes Reviews

Keen Targhee 2 Hiking Shoes- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

Best Hiking shoes for men

Men's Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes for men

Women's Hiking Shoes

The Keen Targhee II Hiking Shoe has a Nu-buck leather upper and it’s ready to wear for hiking. The Nubuck leather upper is one method in which this hiking shoe is waterproofed and the KEEN-DRY breathable waterproof membrane is another method. The Targhee II has a removable anatomical foot-bed, which quickly moulds itself to the hiker’s foot shape. This foot-bed can be replaced with a one which may better suit the hiker’s foot.  

The outsole is made from a type of rubber which does not leave marks. The sole also features multi-directional lugs of 4mm. Constructed with a patented toe protection cap and the S3 heel support, this hiking shoe has excellent torsion stability. The ESS shank creates durable foot support as does the compression moulded EVA mid-sole. The padded collar and tongue add to these shoes’ comforts. 

These Best hiking shoes are long-wearing and great for hikes where the hiker is not weighed down too much. We suggest backpacking, trekking and low ascent climbing as the best uses of the Keen Targhee II. The brand Keen has a stake in environmental awareness. They enjoy selling their products to people who love the outdoors and care about the planet that they are living on.

Highlighted Features

  • Leather and mesh
  • Vibram sole
  • M-Select moisture-wicking mesh lining prevents odors
  • Air cushion heel absorbs shock

Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoes- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

merrell hiking shoes

Men's Hiking Shoes

Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Women's Hiking Shoes

This clever Best hiking shoe will keep feet cool while allowing the hiker to hike in the wild and rugged places. The Dura leather lattice-like outer covers the inner layer made of breathable mesh. A bellows-style tongue resists the small rocks and debris that often wriggle their way inside a hiking shoe. The synthetic leather toe-cap and heel counterweight have been designed to create more torsional stability. The lining on the inside of this hiking shoe has been penetrated with the anti-microbial solution, Aegis. This helps to minimize odors.

To add to the shoe’s comfort, a nylon arch shank has been inserted. The shank adds support and durability to the sole. A cushioning foot-frame made of moulded EVA is another comfort factor. Merrell have placed an air-cushion inside the heel to absorb shock and prevent bruising. This cushioning adds stability. The 5mm lugs on the sole make this hiking shoe more versatile, allowing hikers to move at a fast pace if they need to. A final fortifying touch to these airy hiking shoes is the material in the sole. This is the VibramR Multi-Sport Sole with TC5 + Rubber. Bumper protection around the heel and the toe helps to keep hikers feeling fresh on their feet even after long hours of hiking.

Highlighted Features

  • Performance suede leather and mesh upper
  • Protective rubber toe cap
  • Molded nylon arch shank
  • Merrell air cushion in the heel for absorbing shock and adding stability
  • Breathable mesh lining

Adidas Outdoor AX2 Hiking Shoes- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

Adidas Outdoor AX2 Hiking Shoe

Men's Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes for men

Women's Hiking Shoes

These popular hiking shoes may have a few issues when it comes to comfort. The upper of this shoe is very light and easy to wear. It just does not match with the stiffened sole. This is a very lightweight hiking shoe that is built almost like a trail running shoe. The AdiPRENE support does not cushion the foot as much as it could, so the comfort factor is quite low. A moulded sock-liner does make this hiking shoe feel a bit more comfortable, though. The mid-sole is made of a light EVA layer which provides some extra padding to the foot overall.

The high-traction outsole is good for hiking in wet and dry conditions. This hiking shoe also has a removable insole. The shoes are described as being waterproof, although some reviews have stated that this is not true. The Gore-TexR Extended Comfort waterproof lining is apparently not very efficient. Overall this hiking shoe is light to wear and has moderately good traction. The versatility, water resistance and durability of the shoe are rated very low. It is possible to add a coating of a commercial water-resisting product to increase this capability. We suggest that you wear these hiking shoes for day hikes and some trail running only.

Highlighted Features

  • Textile and synthetic
  • Rubber sole

Columbia Redmond Trail Shoes- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

Columbia hiking shoes

Men's Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes for men

Women's Hiking Shoes

The letters XCRSN in this name are a shortening of the word excursion. With sturdy durable soles made from non-marking rubber and the variable-pattern of the lug layout, these Best hiking shoes are good for most excursions. The Columbia Omni-Grip system keeps these hiking shoes on the trail, whether it’s on wet or dry terrain. The out-soles have excellent traction and durability. They perform well on snow and ice as well as narrow hiking trails. The mid-sole of these hiking boots is made from Tech-lite foam. This adds cushioning and resilience. This type of mid-sole offers a nice feeling for the ground beneath the shoe.

The heel counter demonstrates a gradual flexibility – the flexibility increases toward the top of the heel. These hiking shoes feel flexible on the foot, with a gently tight hold around the back of the foot. A durable toe-cap reinforces the front of the hiking shoe. The OutDry factor of the shoe works very well. Hikers can trek through slush and mud and still emerge with dry feet. The OutDry material that the upper is made of can be easily cleaned. As a bonus this material is extremely breathable. The Columbia PeakFreak is an all-round winner. It is generous in the sizing and may need to be laced more tightly for narrow-footed hikers.

Highlighted Features

  • Water proof
  • Durability
  • Light weight and support

Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport Hiking Shoes- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

Vasque Men's Juxt Multi-Sport Shoe

Men's Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes for men

Women's Hiking Shoes

This Best hiking shoe is a shoe to dream about owning! This model was worn by Navy SEALS during their campaign to catch Osama Bin Laden. This is an extremely versatile, all-terrain hiking shoe. The outsole of this fantastic hiking shoe is constructed with Vasque’s Off-The-Grid technology. This makes the outsoles of these hiking boots extremely durable. A TPU plate has been inserted at the mid-foot for extra foot support. 

The Arc-Tempo add-on allows the shoe to be adjusted for those with higher arches. This Best hiking shoe’s upper is made from suede leather. The foot-bed is made of dual-density EVA. Due to this hiking shoe’s shape, which is long and narrow we recommend that you purchase one size smaller than your normal hiking shoe. This shoe has been designed with longer toe boxes so that the toes do not cramp on downhill hikes. Overall this hiking shoe has generated positive reviews everywhere.

Military personnel wear them, as well as keen trail hikers. These shoes have been designed to be flexible. This means that spots that would be awkward to climb on in other hiking shoes, will be easy to negotiate in the Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport. This hiking shoe is a stand-out for comfort, versatility and flexibility.

Highlighted Features

  • Vasque’s Off-the-Grid (OTC) rubber sole
  • Dual density EVA Footbed
  • A roomy toe box
  • Moded EVA TPU Plate
  • Suede leather

The North Face Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoes- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

best hiking shoes for men

Men's Hiking Shoes

The North Face Women's Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Hiking Shoe

Women's Hiking Shoes

These hiking boots are constructed with rubber out-soles that offer great durability. Out-soles such as these provide excellent traction in harsh terrain. The insertion of a thermoplastic shank plate provides even greater stability and comfort. This shank plate is lightweight so it keeps the overall weight of the hiking shoes low. Shock absorption is provided by mid-soles which are a mix of EVA and polyurethane. The foot-beds are removable. Some hikers may need to replace them with a more comfortable version. 

These Best hiking shoes have nylon inner linings which wick sweat and dampness away from the foot. A bellows-style tongue prevents small debris from entering the shoe. This Best hiking shoe is equipped with Gore-TexR. XCRR. membranes for water-proofing and breath-ability. The ankles and heels of these shoes are wrapped in a thermoplastic urethane overlay, which gives the shoes good qualities of support and durability.

 The uppers of the North Face Men’s Ultra 109’s are made from polyurethane coated leather, nylon mesh and thermoplastic urethane. These combined materials create flexible yet stable uppers. These Best hiking shoes are lace-ups. A pair of North Face Ultra 109’s weighs 1 lb 11oz. These hiking shoes deliver a sound performance, with excellent water-proofing, on rough water-logged trails.

Highlighted Features

  • Protective TPU toe cap
  • ESS midfoot shank
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole

Salomon X Ultra 2 GTXR Hiking Shoes- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

salomon hiking boots

Men's Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes for men

Women's Hiking Shoes

These Best hiking shoes have lots of interesting technology built into them. A precise, secure fit is provided by the SensiFitTM. System. The QuickLaceTM system provides one-pull tightening and loosening of laces. This means that the Salomon Men’s Ultra hiking shoe is easy to put on and easy to take off. The outsoles on this Best hiking shoe are made from non-marking ContaGripTM., a special proprietary application which makes use of ideal combinations of rubber for each specific use. 

These Best hiking shoes have the special Salomon Advanced Chassis placed between the mid-sole and the out-sole for maximum foot protection and a stable yet responsive shoe. A protective rubber toecap enhances the tip-of-the-toes protection, while an anatomically designed foot-bed contributes full cushioning to the foot. The OrthoLiteTM. sock-liner fabricated from OrthoLIteTM. foam creates a dry and cool environment which is healthy for the foot.

EVA heel cups contribute to support and cushioning. This hiking shoe has a special protective coating around its base and a protective heel-cap provides extra stability for the rear-foot. Gore-TexR. Performance Footwear keeps this hiking shoe dry on the inside and the outside. Hikers who are wearing this shoe will travel well over all terrains. The weight of a pair of Salomon Men’s Ultra’s is 410 grams.

Highlighted Features

  • Gore-Tex waterproof bottie liners
  • Waterproof leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Compact and secure lace system

Oboz Tamarack B-DRY Light Hiking Shoe- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

lightweight walking shoes

Men's Hiking Shoes

oboz women's sawtooth low bDry hiking shoe

Women's Hiking Shoes

The Oboz Tamarack B-DRY is a great hiking shoe for comfort and stability. The dryness factor is created by Nubuck uppers which are covered by a B-DRY waterproof membrane. This membrane works well to keep feet dry even on long hikes. Toe and heel caps made of rubber offer protection against roots and branches on the trail. Dual density EVA mid-soles and a nylon shank plate give this hiking shoe extra support and motion control as well as a good heel lock. A non-marking Granite Peak carbon-rubber sole with an asymmetrical lug pattern creates fine durability and traction. Each lug measures 4mm.

A fore-foot plate made of TPU provides extra support for the foot. This aspect may also prevent stone-bruising, while it still keeps the shoe very flexible. The B-Fit Deluxe foot-bed keeps the foot comfortable with soft foam pods. This feature also helps to keep the foot in a centred position. Hikers over the age of seventy highly recommend this hiking shoe. Sufferers of arthritis also recommend this hiking shoe, because of its comfortable fit. Oboz are known for their commitment to saving the great outdoors. One tree is planted for every Oboz shoe that is sold.

Highlighted Features

  • Grippy rubber outer soles
  • Waterproof nubbuck leather and esh uppers
  • EVA midsoles
  • Polyurethane shanks

Lowa Renegade II GTX Lo- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

lightweight hiking shoes

Men's Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes for men
Women's Hiking Shoes

This low-cut hiking shoe is a top favorite Best hiking shoe for many people. It’s so durable that it could almost be a hiking boot. The high durability ratings come from the leather that it is made of. This hiking shoe is extremely comfortable straight out of the box – it just seems to be a comfortable boot that fits well on all types of feet. The Gore-TexR. waterproof lining scores an 100% rating for waterproofing. The support factor in this hiking shoe is superb. 

It’s provided by a polyurethane Monowrap Frame on the midsole, combined with a full length nylon shank. These two factors create excellent torsional stability, which means the foot can be twisted mid-step without causing the hiker to fall. The only real drawback for this shoe is that it adds a quarter of a pound of weight to each foot. This too can be translated into a positive point because it allows the hiker to carry a heavier pack and therefore extends the distance that a hiker can travel when wearing these shoes.

Comfort is also a good feature on the Lowa Renegade. This hiking shoe has suede uppers and felt and foam inside. The lacing system comprises of one low-placed traditional eyelet hole with three pulley style eyelets above it. This makes the Renegade a synch to put on and take off. This hiking shoe weighs 2.73 lbs.

Highlighted Features

  • Contoured polyurethane midsoles with stabilizing nylon shanks
  • External polythene Monowrap frame
  • Gore-Tex membranes
  • Nubuck leather uppers.

Vasque Talus Trek-Low Ultra-Dry Hiking Shoe- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 2017

Vasque Men's Talus Trek Low Ultradry Hiking Shoe

Men's Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes for men

Women's Hiking Shoes

This Best hiking shoe is constructed with the high durability Vibrum Nuarsi out-soles which sport 4mm lugs. This outsole provides great traction on a variety of tracks. Equipped with thermoplastic urethane shanks, the shoes give good support to the sole of the foot, but also a bit of stiffness. While walking in these hiking shoes there may be some up and down heel movement. The Nubuck uppers are 1.8mm in thickness, which means that the shoes may need some wearing in. 

A curved rubber toe-shield and double layers of Nubuck across the toe and side panels offer excellent protection against impact and abrasion. Gusseted tongues which are attached to the shoe’s upper prevent small pieces of trail debris from entering the inside of the shoe, or socks. These Best shoes have been constructed with dual density EVA foot-beds. Padded heel-beds and tongues provide lots of cushion-ey comfort.

 A moulded EVA athletic midsole contributes even more comfort to these hiking shoes. Waterproofing is created by the Nubuck uppers, mesh panels and Ultra-Dry lining. Perspiration is able to escape from side panels which have more than adequate ventilation. These Best hiking shoes are very durable and they last well on trails of all types - loose gravel, mud and shallow water create good test conditions for any hiking shoe.

Highlighted Features

  • Wicking mesh liner
  • A rubber side wall wrap in the toe
  • Vibram Nuasi XS Trek rubber compound outsole
  • Ultra Dry membrane

Others Recommended Best Hiking Shoe Reviews

The Merrell Capra Rise

best hiking shoes for men

Men's Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes for men

Women's Hiking Shoes

  • These are a lightweight hiking boot, not really suited to long hikes in very rough or changeable terrain. They are surprisingly cool and airy to wear.
  • These Best hiking shoes are not the most durable – a pack that weighs over 50 lbs may be too heavy for them. We recommend that you carry a pack that weighs 40lbs or under to experience these hiking shoes at their best.
  • The best feature of these shoes is their mesh upper, which keeps hiker’s feet cool even in temps of above 90° Centigrade.
  • Merrell spokesmen say that these boots are designed to be like the hoof of a mountain goat. In this way, they’re very light and easy to wear. They’ll take you day-hiking and keep your fleet of foot on those narrow mountain tracks with their hoof-like out sole.
  • Merrell has placed the Merrell air cushion in the heel so that shocks are easily absorbed and stability is always maintained.
  • The M Select TM DRY seals the shoes against water and lets moisture escape away so that your feet are always dry. This is a great feature because blisters can be caused if the feet are continuously damp.
  • A bellows-style tongue protects the shoe from the intake of small stones or debris that will bruise the foot.
  • The foot-bed inside the Merrell Capra Rise is made of the trademark Merrell M Select TM FIT-ECO foot-bed with special odor control. The foot-bed is blended with EVA [ethylene vinyl acetate].
  • The traditional lacing allows the hiker to tighten or loosen the shoe easily. This is a good feature for extra high or low arches.
  • On the sole, the lug depth is 3mm, which gives good traction for low-to-medium level ascents.
  • Nice and light, the Merrell Capra Rise weighs only 2.12 lbs.
  • The M Select Grip out-soles prove that this hiking shoe can mix it with the best. This grip feature provides good traction on wet or dry ground or mixed terrain. These hiking shoes are built on a Vibram Mega-grip sole which adds extra durability to this lightweight shoe.You may need to break the Merrell Capra in a little bit. Walking around in them off the trail for a couple of days should do the trick. As with all hiking shoes, we suggest that you select a new pair based on knowledge of the type of hiking you usually do. It’s okay to own more than one pair of hiking footwear if you are swapping your trails from mountain climbing to bush-walking.

The Hanwag Lime Rock GTX

best hiking shoes for men
  • This Best hiking shoe is billed as a technical all terrain shoe. It is described as an approach shoe, but we believe that the super-strong construction and innovative features put this shoe in the low-cut hiking shoe class.
  • The upper is made of suede/CorduraR which gives strength and waterproofing to the overall design. The sole is made of Vibram Pepe, another factor in the shoe’s durability.
  • The sole has been cemented, as in a type of glue, to the upper parts of this hiking boot and is therefore very easy to re-sole. We’ve noticed that the price is quite high for this hiking shoe, so the ability to re-sole without replacing the whole shoe goes some way to offsetting this.
  • The Hanwag brand name, short for Hans Wagner, is known for high quality, tough, rugged boots. The microporous Gore-TexR PTFE membrane makes this shoe both breathable and waterproof, an unusual double mix of features in a hiking shoe these days.
  • Soles constructed of Vibram add to the durability of this hiking shoe. The sole also features a honey-comb-like structure and for extra value, a self-cleaning tread.
  • The shoe is constructed with a rubber rand which protects the upper where it meets the sole of the shoe. The hand-made rand protects the hiker against the intrusion of small stones and scree into the inside of the shoe.
  • The lacing features an asymmetrical or criss-cross design which allows the shoes to be laced to a precise fit which encloses the foot and makes it feel secure.
  • There is an extra raised rubber tip at the front of the shoe which creates better traction on rocky climbing faces.
  • This best hiking shoe is torsionally stiff which means that even though opposing forces may put pressure on the shoe, the hiker will not stumble or fall.
  • A pair of these hiking shoes weighs 510 grammes.
  • This best hiking shoe has been constructed with a special air pulse system, that keeps the hiker’s feet cooler. This feature is made by a pumping action in the tongue of the shoe. The inner sole is cushioned which creates a further airflow.Some other fantastic features of this top-notch hiking shoe are the graded memory insole and the full-length cushioning. The inside of the heel has a strap reinforcement. Overall, we really like this hiking shoe. It’s strongly constructed, has many great features and has a proven reputation for quality. The company Hanwag has been in operation for over ninety years.

La Sportiva FC ECO 2.0.

best hiking shoes for men

Men's Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes for men

Women's Hiking Shoes

  • This hiking boot has some hybrid features, such as a tongue made of webbing, paired with Nubuck leather uppers. We love this hiking shoe and recommend it to backpackers. It has won prizes in the Backpacking category.
  • This best hiking shoe needs a bit of breaking in before it starts to feel comfortable. The all-leather uppers are a little bit unbending at first. The footbed is also very firm. The good news is that after a short wearing-in period, the firm construction of these hiking shoes feels good. They are very supportive and mould well around the foot’s shape.
  • The laces are threaded through a loop made of webbing, at the forefoot and then they continue upwards through five traditional eyelet holes. This is a simple easy-to-tie-and-untie method that makes the shoes quick to put on and remove.
  • The leather uppers of these hiking shoes are inter-cut with a band of mesh at the point where the foot flexes, above the toes. This feature added to the mesh made tongue creates an unexpected coolness. This is unusual because most hiking shoes with all-leather uppers cause the feet to sweat.
  • The La Sportiva ECO has been built for good support. This shoe has excellent mid-foot flexion support and excellent torsional stability. The hiker’s feet will feel less tired than anticipated while wearing these hiking shoes.
  • The ECO has great traction on dry rocks, in the mud and over the mixed loose terrain. The traction may be a little less good over wet rocks, but the overall performance of these hiking boots is not to be criticized. The Vibram River soles add extra durability.
  • This best hiking shoe has great water-resistance, due to all leather uppers. Even leather can let moisture in after the hard wear-and-tear, so we advise hikers to purchase a good quality leather conditioning product to keep the water-resistance at its best.
  • We also recommend that hikers wear a warm pair of socks with these shoes. The La Sportiva ECO model lets in the cold through the mesh on the top of the shoe.
  • This shoe is good value for the price of $150.00. It scores top marks in the categories of durability and support. Weighing in at 2.51 lbs, this hiking shoe is moderately heavy, but its good points outweigh this minor drawback.

Five Ten – Camp Four

best hiking shoes for men
  • These high-quality hiking shoes start their story with a sticky and durable rubber out-sole. It is rare to find both of these qualities in one hiking shoe.
  • This rubber outsole continues to cover the shoe, right up until it reaches the all-around-the-shoe rand. The narrow band protects the stitching on the leather uppers.
  • This hiking boot is firmed up with an EVA mid-sole and a PU shank. Toughness is the name of the game here. Hikers will be able to carry 50 lb packs when they are wearing this shoe.
  • An ankle cuff, which is strengthened by an extra layer of leather, supports even the most fragile ankles. A high rubber rand on the back of the ankle area provides, even more, support and toughness.
  • The Five Ten shoe has been built with a Stealth S1 rubber out-sole with large oval-shaped lugs attached. Hikers will stick to the rocks like gecko lizards. The rubber of the sole extends up to the shoe’s instep, which makes for fantastic traction whether the hiker is scrambling, clambering over roots or crossing a river on a slippery log.
  • These Best hiking shoes may not be the best for high altitude climbing, due to their bulky design and wide toe boxes.
  • The lacing system is made up of five eyelets. The lowest four eyelets are tunnels which are sewn into the leather fabric of the upper.
  • This best hiking shoe is quite stiff at first. The rocking towards the forefoot or a certain upward bend at the front of the shoe helps to offset this.
  • Although this hiking shoe has a full leather upper and a thick toe rand, it is quite lightweight. A pair of Five Ten – Camp Four boots weighs lbs 2ozs.
  • The improved version of the Camp Four has higher levels of durability. The upper now has fewer seams and a heel cage made of plastic protects the back of the shoe.
  • This Best hiking shoe is best worn by hikers who go through wet terrain. This means mud, puddles and small streams. This shoe gains its highest scores in the comfort, support and durability categories. Overall this hiking boot is a good buy for its price, which is in the $150.00 range.

Final Conclusion...

There is a lot of skill involved in the purchase of a good quality hiking boot. We hope that this article has provided you with enough information to make this task easier. It is a given that there are also many excellent brands and models of hiking shoe on the market. As you peruse the reviews, deciding which Best hiking shoes to buy, keep all the statistics and data about your own feet close by. Don’t forget that a good pair of hiking shoes not only matches your feet, they must be appropriate for the type of trails you will hike along. We can only hope that you will feel inspired enough by this small article to buy one of the brands of hiking shoes that are mentioned here.